Masculine and Feminine Properties of Crystals


A few months ago, I took on the idea to begin sleeping with a crystal of mine every night. I decided to do this so that I may be able to tune into the wisdom that crystals contain.  I also began this practice, as a way to bond with my crystals.  As I did this practice, I began to realize something… and learned something from my crystals. What I learned is that crystals have MASCULINE AND FEMININE properties. Some of my crystals relayed to me that they were males, others relayed to me that they were female. In all my years of studies of crystals. I had never heard of this, or come across this information. Remember I have been studying crystals since I was around 20 years old. I am now 33 going on 34 years of age.

Wow!  However one of my teachers confirmed my experience. There are mother and father crystals. This duality is very significant in terms of healing. Mother or feminine crystals are energizing crystals. Father or masculine crystals



are crystals used for pcrystalsremoving pain from the body.  Masculine crystals are “left handed” and feminine crystals are “right handed”. There is a diagram to the left of the text to show the difference. I do have better diagrams, and will upload them soon as I am able to get a good picture.

Lastly, I also found out that crystals REPRODUCE. Some scientists that were studying crystals, saw that crystals will gravitate towards one another and attach to each other and  mate.  This reproduction usually occurs however when the conditions are favorable to do so. It reminds me of reproduction occurring between male and female humans when the woman is during her peak fertile periods, and thus conceiving. The new crystal that is formed then breaks off from the MOTHER crystal.  Crystals can produce families and even have twins, triplets and other multiple births! Other forms of crystal offspring are sand and salt.


Crystals and The Human Body Reflective Assignment

Reflective Assignment


Items Needed

– Quartz Crystal and your notebook/diary


Part One – Reflect on your quartz crystal and look over it.  Think about the first set of notes that were given to you on the crystals and the human body. What similarities do you see between the quartz crystal and the human body? What other places within your body do you think crystals exist? Write whatever comes into your mind.

Part Two – Look up silica, and silicon dioxide.Remember that clear quartz is made primarily of silica/silicon dioxide. Write down your findings.

Watch the following video:

After completion of your assignment please share with the class.

The Power of the Crystalline Point

If we have ever looked at a crystal point, we will notice that the crystal comes to a nice single ( 1 pointed end) or double termination ( 2 pointed ends).

This may appear very physically beautiful in which it is, however there is much power within the beauty of the crystalline point.

I have been working with crystals for over thirteen years, however within this last year of my journey, much more has been opened up to me than ever before regarding crystals and their powers. This information has come from both personal experience, as well as reception of information via telepathic interactions and visions.

Let’s first look at the single termination crystalline point. A few days ago, I apologize that I cannot remember the exact day, but I was told telepathically while I was resting with one of my personal single termination quartz crystals…that the point of the crystal is a transmitter. I was told that the point of the crystal is what allows for communication with God, the Angels and the Interdimensional Beings of the Cosmos.


I likened this to being like our crown chakra.This chakra is the doorway to cosmic consciousness. This center contains the dormant capacity for total enlightenment. Yogic scriptures say that the Sahasrara chakra is the seat of the self-luminous soul or chitta, the essence of mind. In this chakra lies our capacity to tune into and even take on different qualities or stages of being. This is the place used by mediums to channel information. By awakening our crown chakra we become clear light oracles of planetary divination; to divine is to know directly by mind.

The crown chakra is at the top of our head or at the point as one would say of the human crystalline form.


I was also told that the termination(s) of the crystal activate the light body of the crystal.

We can say in this respect that the terminations of the crystal set in motion the light body of the crystal.

Now what is the light body you may ask?

When it comes to crystals, it can be likened to the electrical form of the crystal, which is unseen to the naked/ unopened third eye.


When it comes to our physical form we can define it as : Your Lightbody is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe. It connects you to your encoded data through high electrical currents that assist you in translating and manifesting your hidden talents and soul purpose. As you activate, build and integrate your Lightbody, you reorganize your molecular structure, allowing your body to be less dense and more free to express itself with the source of the universe


When it comes to working with the point of the crystals, we may help to awaken the point of the crystal by playing high vibrational music near the crystal or asking the crystal telepathically to open itself up. Many crystals that we receive may be in a dormant state of activity, as a result of being pulled from the earth. In my studies yesterday, I was told that many of the ancient civilizations as is in the people of the Lost Continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, put the crystals to sleep that they once used as the energy from the awakened crystals would prove too powerful to just be placed back in the earth and left “on”. We never know what type of crystals we may have on our hands, and to fully awaken them again we should activate our crystals with sound and mind (when we are in the highest and best of thought as crystals do amplify thought)…

Now on to the double termination crystals. A perfectly double terminated crystal is the embodiment of the 19 code.


A double-terminated crystal has eighteen (18) faces: six at each termination (=12) and six body faces (6+12=18). If one point is positive charge and the other negative, then three of the body sides are also positive and three negative. Hence there are nine positive faces and nine negative faces. The positive-negative polarity creates a radial binary complementary number symmetry establishing an inherent energy dynamic among the different faces. Each face is coded by a number, beginning with “1” in the negative point, followed by “2” in the complementary position of the positive point. After the first three faces of each of the terminations are completed (1-6), then the three faces of each side of the body are projected in the same binary symmetry pattern (7-12). Then the process returns to the terminations to complete faces 13-18. There are four discrete sets of faces: the two terminations and the two body sides. Sums of the mathematical coding of the two terminations (54, 60) equal 114, which is a factor of 19 (×6). Sums of the mathematical coding of the two body sides (27, 30) also yield the key factor, 19 (×3), as does the sum (171) of all four sets, 19 (×9). This demonstrates the radial mathematics of the plus one factor, where the sum of an array is always factored by one number higher than the highest number in the array. In dealing with the actual mathematics of the double terminated crystal form, the plus one factor yields 19 = (18+1). This means that 19, the maximum summarizing number potential, is implicit in the perfection of the double terminated crystal form, while “0” is the invisible axis providing the radial and binary symmetry possibilities.

19 codes the universe, please let us keep this in mind. Also the double terminated crystal is a transmitting and receiving type of crystal, as one point can be used to send energy and the other point can be used to receive it. For example if you sat and held the crystal between yourself and another person, you could send thought through one termination and allow that thought to transmit through the body of the crystal and then be projected into the mind of the other person via the other terminated end.

We should think of what this means in relations to the coding of the universe being contained within the double terminated crystal.

Please let us reflect on this, so that we may see the inherent and intrinsic awareness and knowledge and power within the crystalline point

Crystalline Structures of the White Ray

The White Color(ray)-  The white color(ray) is representative of the Godly Dimension. This color carries a purifying and protecting frequency.


This ray brings into one’s subtle bodies and auras the Light of Knowledge.The white Ray stimulates creativity, art, and beauty. The white ray exhibits the greatest power of purification, which is being manifested through the ability of ascending all spiritual faculties of the individual. Fill your auric field and every cell of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies with this pure-white-dazzling Ascension Ray.
This Ray, known as the Ray of “Harmony through Conflict”, assists one by tapping into the higher intuitive mind and taming the ego and the emotional body, which can often bring years of struggle. This Ray may also be invoked to solidify matter; to cause infusion of substance when bringing thought into form. This Ray may be called forth to retain purity or retard from aging.




The white ray raises and expands our auric light extending our powers of perception of inner and cosmic realities.

The white ray represents the divine radiance of the cosmos. It is the ray of Christ-Consciousness, Supreme Power, Purity, Perfection. It is the ray of At-One-Ment. The white ray allows for total purification of the body as it purifies the cells of all disease. The White Ray vitalizes every living thing.



A brief meditation to feel the power and qualities of the white ray:  Quiet every restless thought and expand into profound calm. Breathe deeply. Lift all the power energy at your command to the very zenith-peak of your consciousness until all that is of white within you flashes forth to meet the first glimmer of Divine White descending.

Breathe deeply and multiply this White light. Surround yourself in its  protective power.


We also may access and harness the power of the white ray by working with the crystalline structures which are attributed to the white ray.

Here are a list of some of the crystals associated with the white ray.

These are just a few of the many crystals that are available that embody the white ray and can be used in daily meditation, prayer, and home decor to allow one to  work with the white ray.


apophyllite-india-DSC07430 – Apophyllite


Polished-Clear-Optical-Calcite-334-JET-01 – Clear Optical Calcite



BrailianClearQuartz#6699th– Clear Quartz


whiteopal – White Opal

star-moonstone-gem-306132a -White Moonstone


Building Up The Nervous System Exercise

The site uses images to explain objects.Greetings family,

I know that some of us are already working with crystals, or you might even be new to them, and just acquired some new crystal friends. Some of you all have expressed feeling a little pain in your nerve endings or other signs of discomfort when handling your crystals. This is due to the fact that crystals are very very powerful, and full of electricity. Your nerves may not be accustomed to handling so much electrical energy.  With that being said, even though I had intent on sharing this information later on in the course, I believe the time is now to post this exercise. There will be more but this is a good place to start. It is a breathing exercise called The Breath of Fire.

The Breath of Fire: Strengthens the nervous system; purifies the bloodstream; energize, stimulate, wake up, and increase vitality.


Breath of Fire (Agni Pran) Breath of Fire is one of the foundational breath techniques used in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It accompanies many postures, and has numerous beneficial effects. It is important to master this breath so that it is done accurately and becomes automatic.

 Breath of Fire is rapid, rhythmic, and continuous. It is equal on the inhale and the exhale, with no pause between them (approximately 2-3 cycles per second).

 It is always practiced through the nostrils with the mouth closed, unless stated otherwise.  Breath of Fire is powered from the navel point and solar plexus. To exhale, the air is expelled powerfully through the nose, by pressing the navel point and solar plexus back toward the spine. This feels automatic if you contract the diaphragm rapidly.


 To inhale, the upper abdominal muscles relax, the diaphragm extends down, and the breath seems to come in as part of relaxation rather than through effort.

 The chest stays relaxed and slightly lifted throughout the breathing cycle.

 When done correctly, there should be no rigidity of hands, feet, face, or abdomen.  Begin practicing Breath of Fire for a duration of I-3 minutes. Some people find it easy to do Breath of Fire for a full 10 minutes right away. Others find that the breath creates an initial dizziness or giddiness. If this happens, take a break.

 Some tingling, travelling sensations and lightheadedness are completely normal as your body adjusts to the new breath and new stimulation of the nerves. Concentrating at the brow point may help relieve these sensations. Sometimes these symptoms are the result of toxins and other chemicals released by the breath technique. The symptoms may be relieved by drinking lots of water and changing to a light diet.

 Breath of Fire is not hyperventilation

 There are restrictions for doing Breath of Fire while pregnant and menstruating


Please watch this video to see how to do breath of fire:

Power of Prayer

muslim-woman-praying (1)

The Power of Prayer by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad


The Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s Ongoing Stages of Recovery

[Editor’s Note: The following is a continuation of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s lecture at Mosque Maryam “The Power of Prayer,” presented on Jan. 21, 2007.]

“And the throes of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm-tree. She said: Oh, would that I had died before this, and had been a thing quite forgotten! So a voice came to her from beneath her: Grieve not, surely thy Lord has provided a stream beneath thee. And shake towards thee the trunk of the palm-tree, it will drop on thee fresh ripe dates. So eat and drink and cool the eye. Then if thou seest any mortal, say: Surely I have vowed a fast to the Beneficent, so I will not speak to any man today.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 19, verses 23-26

The information that we are sharing from the lecture entitled, “The Power of Prayer,” is really a teaching on the Power of Thought dealing with the science of electricity transmission (sending and receiving). It is intended truly for those who disbelieve in the Power of Prayer as it is written—two will be walking; one will be taken and one will be left. Two will be at the mill, one will be taken; one will be left. Two will be in the bed; one will be taken and one will be left. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us the science behind every law of the universe. That is what we are getting to right now. There is no “spookism” in Islam. God is Real. You are real. We are real and we move by the scientific laws of our mechanical Universe that was put into motion trillions and trillions of years ago.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that you will hear a ring, a bell-like sound, in your ear. He said, that that will be a sign that either he would be trying to get in contact with you or one of the scientists that will be trying to get in touch with you. He further stated that two of us will be walking together, doing normal things, in the mall shopping and he said that that message will come through the ear, through the power of hearing. One will hear it and the other will not; and in that time, the message will be the communication of thought coming from these high-born scientists and you will have to follow the instructions of what that voice is telling you to do.

Now, the question is: Have we cleaned up this vehicle to be able to hear those high frequencies of sound? These high frequencies of sound are emitted from a light, a form of electricity. The use of electricity is one of the great mysteries that Master Fard Muhammad shared with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad upon His departure which still at that time remained a mystery. These electronic impulses that permeate our atmosphere are connected to our orbits in space, such as the sun. As the sun is the center of our galaxy and its energy or light waves are able to strike nine planets full of life that are rotating on this sphere, we become more conscious that we are part and parcel of every element of matter; every element that makes up the atomic weights and energy fields and its chemical composition.

Should we not purify this vessel so that when we pray, which is our subject, we are cognizant of the natural, physical, biological and electronically charged atomic law? How much more powerful will our prayers be if we become more conscious? We are more conscious when that energy, like a crystal, amplifies our thoughts. They have an effect on the cells of our bodies. They have an effect upon the blood coursing through our veins. Light and blood travel at the same speed. The blood circulating through our body takes about eight minutes, and it takes light approximately eight minutes from the sun to strike the earth.

We are the inhabitants of the earth and we are connected to the cosmos. We are connected to every element in the universe. Recently, I was invited to Cleveland, Ohio, and that is when the triggering of some higher frequencies began to manifest themselves and we observed during those sessions on a Saturday afternoon, leading into Sunday, how we could perform a group collective prayer for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that would be on one and the same frequency; and that one and the same frequency to be prayed simultaneously at the same hour.

We chose the Fajr, or the Dawn Prayer. When conducting our Morning Prayer, we should visualize the light that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan saw in September of the year 2001, which appeared like a crystal diamond in the sky. There were other witnesses of this sighting. I don’t know if you are aware of this experience that has taken place since his vision of 1985. It took place, once again in the Mexican Village of Tepoztlán at midday, around 1:30 in the afternoon.

This enormous, bright light appeared brighter than the sun. Not only did it light up the sky, but remained stationary for several minutes, making a pulsating movement going up and down, and sideways while two objects came out of it simultaneously. One went to the right and the other to the left. Then suddenly this bright light appeared to be communicating with the Minister. As it began to pulsate, we observed a tear falling from one of the eyes of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan. It was a sign to him, perhaps, of the future preparation to see the Honorable Elijah Muhammad face to face.

Being unaware of the future struggle that he would have to overcome in his physical pain and agony and hospitalization and surgery to be ultimately renewed throughout all the cells of his body through the sign of this powerful light, as we visualize this light on the outside, bring this light inside and begin to reflect the divine light of Almighty God Allah. As we prepare this vehicle, this light, eating properly, thinking properly, behaving properly, being in an upright state, to begin our prayer.

“Then she came to her people with him, carrying him. They said: O Mary, thou hast indeed brought a strange thing! O sister of Aaron, thy father was not a wicked man, nor was thy mother an unchaste woman! But she pointed to him. They said: How should we speak to one who is a child in the cradle? He said: I am indeed a servant of Allah. He has given me the Book and made me a prophet: And He has made me blessed wherever I may be, and He has enjoined on me prayer and poor-rate so long as I live: And to be kind to my mother; and He has not made me insolent, unblessed. And peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I am raised to life. Such is Jesus son of Mary—a statement of truth about which they dispute.”—Holy Qur’an, Surah 19, verses 27-34

Quickness, Fast Moving–Cleanliness Internally And Externally–Right Down To The Modern Times













Quickness, Fast Moving–Cleanliness Internally
And Externally–Right Down To The Modern Times

by Mother Tynetta Muhammad


“Often will those who disbelieve wish that they were Muslims. Leave them to eat and enjoy themselves, and let (false) hope beguile them, for they will soon know. And never did We destroy a town but it had a decree made known. No people can hasten on their doom, nor can they postpone (it).” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 15, verses 2-5

The title of this article suggests to me that cleanliness internally and externally depends upon the possession of a righteous mind striving to be upright in the way of righteous thinking followed by righteous actions. Whenever a people, a nation or a civilization is about to be destroyed, the Almighty God, Creator, out of His Mercy, raises a warner or warners, in the midst of the people to be warned of their impending doom, if they will not repent and reconcile themselves back to God and the Divine Path of Righteous Living. The responsibility to make this change then rests upon that people who are warned to decide upon their own fate. Remember that Satan only has the power to rule and have control over our lives as long as we live in a fantasy world concerning the Reality of God and His Presence and Manifestation within the human being or soul.

One cannot easily reject the Truth of the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad without making himself a fool because every word of his Teachings is withstanding the Test of Time—and is being proven true in no limit of time by the discoveries being made in both Science and in the Universal Religious Schools of Thought and Society. The internalization of Divine Truth and its external expansion in the Divine World of Being encompasses the movement to self and the quickening of the mind and the action which follows focusing on the Divine Word of Truth characterized in three levels of manifestation recognized in the spiritual, mental and physical realms of consciousness, which are not separate from each other but are One.

The title of this article brings to remembrance the words written in the Sacred Writings of the Mysterious Teacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Master W. Fard Muhammad, which is given to the Students and New Converts to study in the science of our training and participation in the Spiritual Mission of the Resurrection of our Mentally Dead People and Nation in America. In this context, we who join the Nation are registered as students under the Master’s Teachings with accountability for our work being constantly tested and evaluated under a System of Education and Training that is departmentalized and structured within the context of the University of Islam and Educational Center.

From an earlier article, I quoted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s description of the University of Islam in the following words: “My University is a New World and a New School.” Imagine how feebly the majority of people perceive the function of Muhammad’s University of Islam as an institution for only our babies and children from pre-kinder to the High-School level, and are not aware that we should all be registered and constituted as Students of the University (Universe) of Islam according to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Every New Convert is a potential laborer of the Nation of Islam, who must come under a study program of an advanced order in order to carry out their duties and described function as officers in the Divine Work of the Resurrection of the Dead.

What does it mean to be ‘Right Down to the Modern Times? We may be acquainted with the expression—”Lets’ get down with it”—this means to get down to the facts to the truth of the matter. In the Language of the Supreme Wisdom, these words are intended for the initiate to work on self knowledge in the attainment of self-improvement working from the inside (interior part of being) to the outside (exterior view of self). Time is a frequency determined and shaped by the power of the frequency of thought which emits (time spelt backward) which gives birth to Divine Light, the ingenious sparkle of Divine Consciousness which is like the explosion of the atom into so many parts which is going on in our minds constantly at an enormous rate of speed which can hardly be measured.

With this introduction to our study on the dynamics of time and the thought process of telepathy, I would like to share a personal experience that began with my first entrance into the Nation of Islam and my meeting with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I first heard the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad during my Senior Year of High-School in Detroit, Michigan in 1957. At my earliest opportunity to work for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Chicago, Illinois, approximately a year after my graduation which took place in 1958, I always relished the pursuit of knowledge as the greatest opportunity in life. Being in an atmosphere to ask questions was an opportunity to learning all about ourselves, thus to be exposed to this Masterful Teaching of Higher Learning in my youth was the Greatest of Blessings.

During one of those cherished opportunities, I asked the Honorable Elijah Muhammad if he would teach me how to tune in. He responded immediately by telling me how to begin the process. I began to activate this phase of my training so deeply that he was able to pick up my thoughts and began to tell me that he could pick up my thought vibrations and wave patterns and began to take me to another level of consciousness and awareness about myself.

Since his departure in 1975 within this time period of the last 25 years, I have been aware of his presence and guiding protective power being with me in the midst of my enemies, but I have not been open to expose it until the proper time. I have only now begun to speak on this level of mental contact embodied with other experiences which are now beginning to come to light because we are making our transition from the old world of thought into the Superior New World of Thought being channeled by the Divine Forces of God, Himself. As these series of articles are now beginning to come through, I have resigned myself not to hold back any further what I believe to be Allah’s Divine Guidance and Blessings of a Higher Order that others among us are also receiving and must bear righteous testimonies to their own experiences at the proper time. The Time has arrived that the Witnesses must testify to the Truth in their own way, which is coming Right Down to the Modern Time!

“And they say: O thou to whom the Reminder is revealed, thou art indeed mad. Why bringest thou not the angels to us, if thou are of the truthful? We send not angels but with truth, and then they would not be respited. Surely We have revealed the Reminder, and surely We are its Guardian.” Holy Qur’an, Surah 15, verses 6-9

To be continued.

The Crystal-Words by a Sioux Medicine Man

Many people now have crystals in their possession. Some wear them or carry them in their pockets or purses, or have them in their homes. There are, no doubt, as many misconceptions of the crystal as there are misconceptions of the peace pipe.

I regard a crystal in much the same respectful spiritual perspective as I do a peace pipe or my own personal wotai ( wotai is a Sioux word meaning:personal stone that has appeared to you, you carry it all times), which I found after my second Sun Dance. My wotai stone is an agate stone with a rainbow rim and crystalline center. There are many strong images within this stone, and it came to me in a very powerful,spiritual manner, indicating to my Native American perspective  that it was lelah wah ste wakan (very holy and spiritual). 




A crystal is obviously very special and lelah wekan (very powerful signs, very holy). Hold it up to the light. It reflects the rainbow. This is a very powerful, God-made symbol. What do we see after the life-giving, refreshing, nourishing rains? The rainbow, the beautiful rainbow of all colors. Yet this powerful symbol is compacted within the clear, clean, rain-resembling crystal. I need not elaborate further about the specialness of this Great Spirit-designed unique stone. It can be regarded as spirit rain, with a refreshing rainbow.




For the sake of practicality, I will be the first to admit that I do not foresee a mass of people going to Pipestone and purchasing peace pipes despite the deep and powerful meaning of the Pipe Ceremony. Some pipe holders will come forth, and that will be good, but the majority will continue on their journeys.

I believe that the crystal can help with relating to this new knowledge from the Native American world. Simply take the crystal and beseech the four directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Wakan Tanka (or one’s respectful concept of the Great Spirit) with the crystal in the same respectful manner as one would use a peace pipe. We as Mother Earth- concerned people desire to have a relationship with all living things. The Pipe Ceremony provides this avenue; so can the crystal.